Thursday, 24 March 2011

Workshop Presenters

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin will develop a workshop called 'Triple T - teachers technology toolkit'
Tools and online apps that he considers to be essential for any teacher going into a classroom today. He will demonstrate 5 in total ... watch this space

Lisa Stevens

 Lisa is a Primary Language educator and consultant. She is PLL and International coordinator at Whitehouse Common Primary School, and works with her LA (Birmingham) as a Language Coach supporting schools with their language provision. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, an eTwinning Ambassador and BGfL MFL Curriculum Associate, and is on the Spanish Committee of ALL. Lisa regularly speaks and consults on languages, creativity and ICT, and has recently worked with AQA, BBC, CILT, Links into Languages and Apple.

She blogs at

Recent comments about Lisa - "your excitement is infectious, your pupils are v lucky to have such a fab teacher", "@lisibo has just started. She is ace and far too happy ;0)", and she is described in a TES article as "widely regarded as a trailblazer for ICT use in primary languages."

Lisa will inspire with her ideas on recording sound

Simon Widdowson

Simon Widdowson is currently ICT Coordinator at Porchester Junior School in Nottingham. ( He has a strong belief in using ICT to enhance learning opportunities within the primary age range. 

He created the Becta Award winning 'Southwold Online' website, before working for Becta as a mentor in their New2Computers program for new teachers. In 2003 he was seconded to Nottingham Trent University for a year as their Digital Teacher in Residence for the "Writers for the Future" project, during which time he travelled around the UK, as well as working virtually with schools worldwide to develop teacher confidence using online tools, and create web based projects that allowed pupils to use the power of digital technology to develop new styles of non linear writing.

Simon also maintains the 2DIYarchive ( - a site dedicated to examples, tips, ideas, tutorials and lesson plans for use with 2Simple's interactive flash based game, quiz and activity creation software, as well as the 2CaSSarchive too, ( showcasing examples, ideas and tips for use with 2Simple's story telling software.

Recently, he has begun to use iPads within his classroom, and has created a ground breaking project to develop children's digital creativity, resulting in the acclaimed 'Epic Citadel' micro-website (

Simon plans to show how 2DIY can be used across the curriculum by both teachers and pupils as a learning and assessment tool, and how the advanced features within it (the use of basic actionscript) can be used to stretch pupils further, and allow the opportunity to develop new critical thinking skills.

John Sutton

Prior to becoming a self employed ICT consultant and blogger, John was a Manchester based primary school teacher for ten years. Back in 2005 he set up Creative Blogs to provide a secure environment for children and teachers to explore the digital world of blogs.He currently supports about 40 separate school blog projects around the country, many of whom have developed international reputations for innovation and excellence.John regularly talks at Teachmeets and other teacher conferences about blogging and related issues.John says, “For me, blogging is all about audience. How many times have we asked children to consider their audience when writing in a textbook which no-one but themselves and their teacher will read.”
Read about John’s blog services at

John will talk about his extensive work in creating opportunities for children to write for wide audiences using blogs


  1. Many thanks to all students who listened to my talk about using 2DIY in the classroom with children. The presentation, and links to the Flyer and websites, can now be found here;


  2. From Lisa:

    My 'stuff' is all here for you all -